Blog Intro

Welcome to The Villain's Worst Nightmare Blog.

This blog was created to serve a couple of reasons:

1. To write about whatever I feel like. It is my blog, after all. ;)

2. To invite other authors to showcase the villains in their books and/or visit with an entertaining guest post.

Why villains?

Every great story has conflict. And who causes that conflict? Why, the villain, of course. I firmly believe that a strong and interesting villain forces the writer to create a stronger and more interesting hero. The villain has to be capable of destroying the world (or whatever their ultimate goal is) and the hero has to be the only person (and I do mean the only person) capable of stopping them. Luke Skywalker is the only person who could be a threat to Darth Vader because, for reasons made apparent in the second movie, he is the only enemy that Darth Vader would hesitate, even if for just a moment, before killing. He who hesitates is lost (or loses).

So I have created a blog just for the villains of the entertainment world. It is time they got their turn in the spotlight.

Calling All Authors: Submit a villain from your book to the Villain Showcase (email Introduce your villain and the inspiration for creating him or her. Or conduct an interview with your villain. Better yet, have the villain rant about how the hero ruined years of careful planning. I give you creative license to fashion your post any way you like it.